The Perfect Avatar

The Power of the Perfect Avatar

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There’s a certain magic to attracting ideal clients and customers to your business. It’s certainly not new and we’ve got more tools than ever to make it happen, but it still remains a mystery to so many.

Think about the companies and brands that you love to do business with. You might find it difficult to name any. As I look around my office right now, I see products that I enjoy using, and some are exceptional products that stand out as superior in their market but I very few really wow me to the point that I feel like I need to tell others about them.

There is one that stands out and it’s a perfect example of the power of the perfect avatar. The company I’m thinking of is Ernie Ball Guitars. I had purchased an expensive guitar and when I got it home, I saw a crack in the paint where the neck mounts. It wasn’t awful and didn’t affect the playability of the instrument but I had shelled out a couple thousand dollars and wanted my brand-new guitar to be perfect.

Like many guitar nerds would, I got on a forum where guitar players hand out and I shared images of the guitar with it’s crack to ask the others if this would affect the guitar long term and if I should bother pursing getting it fixed.

To my surprise, the president of Ernie Ball guitars, Sterling Ball, happened to be a member of that forum and he saw my post. He assured me that although the crack would not likely affect the guitar long term, he wanted me to be happy and promised to make it right.

The guitar got rebuilt with a new body and when it was returned to me, the box also contained hats, tee shirts, strings, picks and stickers. I never expected any of this but here I am years later telling the story.

The point is that I am Ernie Balls perfect avatar. I’m willing to spend above average amounts of money on above average guitars. Sterling Ball knows the power of the perfect avatar and chooses, as a busy CEO, to hangs out on guitar forums (where his avatar hangs out) so he can have his finger on the pulse of exactly what his ideal avatar is thinking, feeling and saying so he can take fast action and build relationships that last.

You can leverage this strategy for your company starting today.

Where does your avatar hang out? What content can you put in front of them that they can interact with, comment on and share? The perfect avatar should be a living document that you create and add to on an ongoing basis as you learn more about your them. Lean into this strategy and show you care about your avatar by ACTUALLY caring about your avatar. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

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