Digital Marketing Myth – My Customer is Not on Social Media

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Market where your audience gathers is a piece of advice that’s been around as long as business has. These days we’ve got more places to “gather” than ever only the gathering places are mostly online.

A popular comment I hear from clients before we start to work together is that their clients are “different” and they’re not online. It’s a myth that can be come a limiting belief and is very rarely true.

Even in markets with very high-ticket products and services, you can bet your ICA (ideal customer avatar) is online somewhere and they’re leaving a trail of digital breadcrumbs that we can use to track them down.

The most hardcore business person still needs down time to allow the brain to relax and process all the data that’s coming in. They might blow off steam by buying on Ebay, checking sports scores, reading blogs, watching videos, listening to podcasts or any other host of content option that we can position ourselves around and catch their attention.

The product or service you sell has to match the platform that you’re advertising on. If you sell high ticket corporate coaching, then advertising on TikTok might not be your best play as the largest demographic of that app is between the ages of 20 and 29. On the other hand, 10.2% are 30-39 and 16.8% are 40-49.

A creative ad that captures attention and is fun and engaging like the TikTok app itself, might actually work quite well here. The idea being that your ad has to be congruent with the platform. Instagram is heavily image related; YouTube is obviously a video platform while Facebook is very relationship driven.

While LinkedIn is very business oriented, it has a far lower average time on site than Facebook or some of the other platforms. This can be used to your advantage but will require patience. The targeting on LinkedIn is excellent but with the low time on site, you’ve got to find a way to stand out and be interesting while being patient as it can take people a while longer to actually find you and your content.

The various social media apps currently have a user base in the billions so your prospects are definitely on social media. All you’ve got to do is develop creative and interesting ways to attract them.

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